Grammar and spell-checking on SharePoint Online modern pages

It’s frustrating to put together a great looking page in SharePoint, only to have someone point out a spelling or grammar error. Up until now, you didn’t have a good way to make sure your page content was spelled correctly and used correct grammar. Now you do… Your content in a text web part on your page will be grammar- and spell-checked. Here’s what it looks like…

When you see a word or phrase that’s underlined in blue, it means that a grammar issue was found. Click on the underlined content to see a pop-up explaining what the issue is, along with an option to change to the suggested wording:

If you see something underlined in red, that means that the spelling of the word is incorrect. Again, you can click on the underlined content to see alternative spellings that might be better, and you can select one of those options:

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