Adding text and images in a SharePoint Online text web part

This is a change I’ve been waiting for ever since I saw it hit the Microsoft 365 roadmap… the ability to paste combined text and images into a SharePoint Online text web part. Here’s how it works…

In a SharePoint Online modern page, click the Plus icon to add a web part, and select the Text web part:

Here I have some combined text with an image in a Word document that I’ll highlight and copy so I can paste it into the text web part on my SharePoint Online page:

When I paste the text and image content, everything appears in the text web part. The image is centered in the web part, and the text stays above and below the image as it appeared in the Word document. However, I can change the image to be either left- or right-justified in the web part using the Alignment controls:

When I left-justified the image, the lower line of text wraps itself around the image to the right. I was also able to add a caption to the image… SharePoint Buddies:

And here’s what the page looks like when it’s published:

For more details on this feature and the text web part in general, check out Add text, tables, and images to your page with the Text web part.

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