SharePoint Online Page Detail Editing

There are times when you need to change the URL (or even delete) a SharePoint Online page. It’s now a lot easier to do both of those items using the Page Details panel when you’re editing a modern SharePoint Online page. Here’s what that looks like…

Here’s a test page in my Site Pages library. It has a URL of Test-page.aspx, and I want to change it to Test-pageV2.aspx. To start, I click on the Edit option:

Once the page is in Edit mode, I click on the Page details option:

That launches the Page details panel on the right-side of the page. I can change the URL in the Name field:

And if I scroll to the bottom of the page, I can delete the page entirely using the Delete page option:

When I’m done with the renaming, I click the Republish button and my changes are live:

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