Viewing site usage data for your SharePoint Online site

One of the common requests we get on the SharePoint team is whether or not someone can get site usage statistics for their SharePoint site. My usual answer is a qualified “yes”, as they normally want something more detailed than what SharePoint provides. I hope that someday the site usage data becomes more detailed, but until then, here’s what we have and how it works…

To get to the Site usage information on your SharePoint site, click on the Settings gear > Site usage:

The Overall traffic section allows you to see Overall traffic data for the last 7, 30, and 90 days. You will see Unique viewers, Site visits, and Avg time spent per user:

Below the Overall traffic section, you will find the statistics for Popular content broken out by Site pages, News posts, and Documents. You can sort each of those categories by Time spent, Visits, and Unique viewers:

At the bottom of the page, you will find Usage insights, that provides information By device and By time. It also gives you tips on how to optimize your site based on how most people are viewing the content:

For more detail on what is provided and how the statistics are calculated, check out View usage data for your SharePoint site on Microsoft’s web site. And keep in mind… what you see is what you get. 🙂

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