Expand/Collapse button in SharePoint lists

If you’re fortunate enough to work with a large-screen monitor, you may not have much of a problem with how much data displays in a SharePoint list. But if you’re on a laptop with a smaller screen, you might find that screen real estate is in short supply. You can gain a bit of that real estate back by using the Expand/Collapse button in SharePoint lists. Here’s how that works…

Here I have a list that shows six columns and a fragment of the seventh column. The Expand icon (two arrows pointing outward) is in the upper right corner. To expand the screen real estate for the view, click that icon:

You should now see that the header of the view page has disappeared, along with the left-side navigation. Now the seventh column and most of the eighth column are visible, along with more rows. To expand the view page real estate back to normal, click the Collapse icon (two arrows pointing inward) in the upper right corner:

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