Saved For Later web part for SharePoint Online

If you’re like me, you tend to “bookmark” a lot of things to save for later. Of course, whether you actually get back to reading them is a different matter… The Saved For Later web part is a great way to flag content for later reading, and have it displayed back to you in an easy to read manner. Here’s how it works…

Here I’ve created a new Saved For Later page, and I’m adding the Saved For Later web part:

By editing the settings on the web part, I can customize the way it displays:

For Source, I have the option to display everything that I’ve saved for later, or just the items in this particular site:

I can also filter the Type of content to display, such as documents only, pages and news posts, or everything:

I can also choose how many items to display, whether I want them to display in a grid or a list format, and whether the web part should only show up if at least one item is marked for saving:

Here’s what the list format would look like:

In this example, I was on a news page item, and I clicked the Bookmark icon at the bottom of the page so I could save it for later:

Now when I look at my Saved For Later page, I see that article show up in my Saved For Later web part:

This can be a great addition to the front page of your intranet, in that it allows people to see customized content that is relevant to them instead of just general content that was targeted to everyone.

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