Printing content to OneNote

I think that OneNote is one of the coolest tools in the entire Microsoft portfolio of products. It’s like the Ginsu knife of personal productivity (if I just aged myself with that reference, you can catch up here… The Ginsu (Commercial Offer, 1980)). One feature of OneNote I want to cover today is the ability to print to OneNote just like you would print to a printer or a PDF file. Here’s how…

Here I have a web page that I want to print out to OneNote. To start the process, I right-click on the page and select the Print option:

onenote-print-20190319-1 - Copy

In the Print dialog box, I choose the Send To OneNote 2016 option and click Print:

onenote-print-20190319-2 - Copy

The Select Location in OneNote dialog box appears, giving me the opportunity to specify what notebook and section the printout should go to. In this case, I’m sending it to the Miscellaneous section in my Tom Duff – Notes And Status notebook. Once the section is selected, click OK:

onenote-print-20190319-3 - Copy

In a few seconds, the printout appears in the selected section in a new page named Printout. Each page is a separate image, as you can see by the border lines in the following image:

onenote-print-20190319-4 - Copy

The positive thing is that you’ve now got the content in OneNote. The not-so-positive thing is that you have page images, not actual text that you can select and copy. If you *do* want to get some of the text from a page image, you can use OneNote’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature. Right-click on the page you want the text from, and select Select Text From Image:

onenote-print-20190319-5 - Copy

OneNote will highlight (albeit not very well) the text it will pull out, and you can click the Copy All Text and Close button at the bottom of the dialog box:

onenote-print-20190319-6 - Copy

All the text is now on your clipboard. If you click in an open spot on your page and use the Paste function, you’ll get all the text that OneNote found on that page. It’s not formatted or arranged very nicely (depending on the layout of the image where the text was), but at least you can now work with the text:

onenote-print-20190319-7 - Copy


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