Setting the Print Area on an Excel spreadsheet

Obviously, you can have a multitude of rows and columns in an Excel spreadsheet spread out over numerous worksheets. However, if you want to print out just part of the information, you may think you have to print out everything just to get the part you want. In reality, you can set the Print Area of your spreadsheet to only print out the area that you need, saving paper and time in the process. Here’s how you do that…

To set your Print Area, highlight the areas of your spreadsheet you want to have printed, and select Page Layout > Print Area > Set Print Area:


Now when you print the spreadsheet, you’ll only see the areas that were defined as part of the Print Area:


If you no longer want to restrict the areas that are printed, select Page Layout > Print Area > Clear Print Area:


The nice thing about using this feature is that a selected Print Area is saved with the file, so you don’t have to re-select it each time you edit and print it.


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