Deleting grouped emails in Outlook

I tend to keep (or at least try to) a fairly lean Outlook mailbox, and I tend to delete items in my Sent, Conversations, and Deleted Items folders on a regular basis. I stumbled across a way to delete things by group the other day, and I thought I’d share it with you…

This is an image of my Deleted Items folder after I got back from a conference and did a cleanup. You’ll see I have grouping turned on by date:


I could do a CTRL-A and select everything, or manually select everything in a group. However, I found I can also click the group category, which has the effect of “selecting” everything in that group:


When I hit the Delete key, I get a message telling me that the action I’m about to take will apply to all the items in the selected group (which in this case are the deleted emails from last week):


Because this is the Deleted Items folder, it gives me one more chance to confirm that I will *really* be deleting these:


Once I click Yes, you’ll see that the Last Week group and all the emails that were in it are now gone:


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