Setting the default meeting length in Outlook

I find it extremely frustrating when someone books an hour for a meeting by default, but yet they only have about 10 minutes of material they need to cover. Instead of playing havoc with your (and others) calendar, you can set your default meeting length to something shorter. Here’s how…

While in your Outlook calendar, select the View tab and select the View Settings option:


In the Advanced View Settings: Calendar dialog box, select Other Settings:


Here’s where you can change the font settings for your calendar entries, but more importantly, you can change the default time length of a new appointment. It appears that it’s 30 minutes by default, but if it’s not, I *strongly* encourage you to set that as your default:


If you stay focused in your meetings, 30 minutes is often enough time to accomplish what you need to have done, and you’ll have more time to do real work.


  1. What about setting in 1 minute increments. We are getting a lot of requests to set meetings to 55 minutes so execs can prepare for the next meeting. How can this be accomplished?


    1. You can set the meeting to be 60 minutes, adn then select the option to end appointments and meetings early. Your one hour meetings can bet set to end 5 minutes early. Unfortunately, there’s no option to set meetings for anything other than the pre-defined meeting lengths.


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