Audio recording in OneNote

If you’re in a meeting and you want to have a record of what was said, you can use OneNote to make an audio recording and save it automatically to a OneNote page. In addition, you can also take notes that will automatically have pointers to that specific part of the recording. Here’s how it works…

While you’re in a OneNote page (perhaps a page where you’re taking meeting notes), click on Insert > Record Audio. This will automatically start the audio recording feature, and you’ll be recording whatever your microphone picks up:


As you see here, the recording is active as the Play button is greyed out. You can either Pause the recording or actually Stop it by clicking on the recording controls:


In this example, I was also taking written notes while I was recording. OneNote records when each of the notes is typed in, and synchronizes it to the recording. So, when I go back and click on one of my notes, it will automatically find that part of the recording and play it from there:


I find this is a quick and easy way to record a meeting that only has audio components, or as a way to make audio notes to myself on a OneNote page devoted to a particular topic.


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