Outlook Calendar Attendance Tracking

Sometimes the best tips are discovered by accident. That’s what happened to Sandra Mahan on this one…

I learned a really cool little trick today entirely by accident. When I send out a meeting invite to a large group of people, I get a lot of a responses which I usually just delete. However, today I double-clicked and opened up one of the responses (instead of just viewing it in the Reading Pane):


I was surprised to learn that it displays the tracking information for the event and shows me who has accepted, is tentative, or declined the meeting:


Of course you also have the option of going to the calendar entry itself and clicking on the Tracking button but the email process was a quick easy way to see participation as responses were returned:


Finally, if you don’t care about getting responses from participants, when scheduling the meeting invite, click on the Response Options button from the ribbon bar and uncheck the Request Responses option:


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  1. In my experience, this only works if the end user chooses to “Accept and Send a Response”. If they choose not to send, you won’t see whether they’ve accepted or not.


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