The OneNote Quick Notes feature you’ve likely never heard of…

This is one of those features I accidentally discovered by wondering what the Quick Notes entry was doing at the bottom of my notebook lists on the left-side navigation of my OneNote client. After a quick bit of research, I think this will now become a go-to feature for me.

To launch a Quick Note, click View > New Quick Note (you can also use the Windows – N key combination on Windows):


That produces a free-floating Quick Note that you can use as a scratchpad to record just about any type of information you would normally put in OneNote:


When you close the Quick Note, it is stored like every other page in OneNote in your Quick Notes “notebook” that shows up at the bottom left-side of your OneNote navigation:


Another nice feature… if you want to make these Quick Notes stay pinned on top of other screen content, click the ellipsis (the three dots) in the top bar of the Quick Note:


That expands out the Ribbon Bar for the Quick Note, and you can click View > Always On Top to keep the Quick Note front and center on your computer screen:



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