Show In Groups in your Outlook Inbox

If you have a backlog of email in your inbox, it can be difficult to quickly judge how old things are. You can help fix that by using the Show In Groups feature in your Outlook Inbox view.

I prefer to use the Single view in my Inbox to conserve space, but it’s just a seemingly endless list of emails:


I can break up the flow by turning on the Show In Groups feature to group things by date ranges. To find that option, click on the View option in the Ribbon Bar, and then click on the More icon in the Arrangements section:


Click on Show In Groups to turn the feature on (the checkmark appears) or off (no checkmark):


Now your Inbox groups your emails, and it’s much easier (at least for me) to manage what emails I need to process based on how long they’ve been there:


A caveat… When you use View > Change View, you have a number of options on how to format your Inbox. Sent To, Single, and Preview all allow the Show In Groups for the date groupings. The Compact view does not.



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