Monitoring Skype for Business Group Chats with Ego Feed

I’m part of four different Group Chats in Skype for Business that are important to my role and function. A couple of them are set to show me a pop-up alert whenever anything appears, as those chats are primary to my job. But a couple of the chats are high traffic and don’t often directly pertain to what I’m doing. To keep up on those chats, I rely on the Ego Feed entry. Ego Feed can be set to only show me things that have certain keywords.

Ego Feed appears under the Group Chats icon in the Skype for Business window:


To format the settings for Ego Feed, right-click the group name and select Edit this Topic Feed:


I have mine set to trigger when anyone but myself uses one of my key words. The key words I’m scanning for are Thomas Duff and SharePoint. That way I’ll get pinged whenever anyone mentions my name or SharePoint:


The final step is to set my notifications so I know when something was found. I right-click on Ego Feed and select Change Notification Settings:


I select the option to customize this particular feed so that it acts different than the rest. I have Skype for Business show me a pop-up alert whenever a message arrives that meets my criteria (or if a high priority message comes in):


The net effect is that I’m able to if anyone is seeing SharePoint issues (or talking about me) whenever any of my Group Chats sees the topic. Even better, I don’t have to keep checking up on the chats. I can ignore most everything, and only pay attention to things that I need to be on top of.

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