The Outlook photo… more than just a pretty picture!

When you’re in Outlook and you are looking at an email, you may not know that there’s a lot more going on than just an image of the person who sent the email…


You can either hover/click or double-click on the picture to do a whole lot more. If you hover or click, you’ll see the area that I have circled below. If you double-click, you’ll see an expanded summary of the person’s profile:


Here are some of the things you can do and see from here:


1. Cartoon text icon – this starts a Lync chat with the person
2. Phone icon – this starts a call with the person
3. Movie camera icon – this will start a video chat
4. Envelope icon – this opens a new email addressed to them

Not everyone will see all the following options in every situation.
• Contact – see all of the contact information you have stored for that person
• Notes – a list of all the profile changes that have occurred over time
• Organization – a mini-org chart of the person’s manager, along with the people who also report to that manager
• What’s New – any updates from social media networks they belong to
• Membership – all the email distribution lists they belong to

If you see the Edit option, you can update the contact information that’s stored in your address book for that person:



So… next time you see a person’s profile picture, try learning a bit more about them, and use that as a shortcut to send an email or call them.

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