Searching for recent updates in OneNote

Have you ever been in a situation where you made a change in OneNote in the last couple of days, but now you can’t find it. Sandra Mahan showed me a feature I had never used beforeā€¦ the Recent Edits option.

To find your recent edits in OneNote, click on History > Recent Edits. As you can see, you have a number of time frames to choose from. In this case, I’m selecting the Last 14 Days:


The Search Results panel pops up on the right side of your OneNote client, and it lists all the changes over the last 14 days. OneNote also highlights the pages and content that was changed during that time:


You’re not restricted to searching just the Notebook you have open, either. You can search everything from all the Notebooks you have in OneNote down to just the content in the current section:


You can also change the way the search results are ordered:


I have a feeling I’ll be using this on a regular basis now that I know about it.

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