Increasing your Undo safety net in PowerPoint

If you work with PowerPoint often, you know that the Undo function can be your best friend. But unfortunately, it can also be a major headache when you figure out that you can only hit Undo 20 times before it stops. Here’s a way you can increase that number.

While in a PowerPoint presentation, go into File > Options > Advanced, and you’ll see the following dialog box:


The default number of Undo operations that are stored is 20. You can increase that number up to 150.

Word of caution: While it might be tempting to set it to the maximum value, that might cause unexpected issues in PowerPoint according to some sources. You should increase it to something that makes sense for your particular use case.

Bonus information: Can you use that same option setting for other Office programs like Word or Excel? No, as that option doesn’t exist for the other Office programs. What I did learn is that Undo in Word and Outlook is based on your computer resources, so it is effectively “unlimited” so long as your computer can handle it. Excel apparently is set to 16 Undos, and the only way to change that is to update the Windows Registry. DO NOT DO THAT! If you mess up a registry change, your computer could end up needing to be rebuilt from scratch. JUST SAY NO!

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