Making your voice heard at Microsoft – UserVoice sites for our relevant software

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t get a question from someone along the lines of “does do , and why doesn’t it?”. Or, there’s the “when will Microsoft change to allow us to do ” question. Bottom line… we don’t know, and we have virtually no sway to influence Microsoft to change their software… but you do!

Adding a Background Blur to your video meetings in Microsoft Teams

If you’re used to having video meetings in Microsoft Teams and you’re the person on the video, I know you’ve thought about what might be showing in the background while you’re presenting. You may be neat and tidy, or you… may not be. I would be in that second category… But now in Microsoft Teams, you can use the Background Blur option to make it harder to tell just how many pizza boxes might be right behind you. Here’s how…