Timer feature in Microsoft Whiteboard

One feature that has been missing in Microsoft Whiteboard is a built-in timer function. This is useful for when you’re doing an exercise and you want the participants to know how much time is left. With the latest set of changes to Whiteboard, there is now a built-in timer. Here’s how it works…

In the upper-corner of your Whiteboard, you’ll now see a stopwatch icon which is what brings up the timer:

When the timer appears, it’s set to 5 minutes by default. Change the time to be whatever is needed (either by typing in the time or using the plus/minus buttons), and click the Start button:

The timer will initialize itself:

As the timer gets close to the expiration, it’ll change colors to grab your attention:

And once it hits zero, it’ll reset back to 5:00 for the next use.

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