Using Microsoft Loop components in a Microsoft Teams chat

Microsoft Loop is a new way to collaborate on information while using software such as Microsoft Teams. It’s like using “widgets” that everyone can update, and putting the widget in multiple places means that people can collaborate on the same item without having to be in the same place. Here’s how that works…

In this example, we’ll use a Loop component in a Microsoft Teams chat. When I click on the Loop icon, I get a list of the six different types of Loop components I can use. I’m going to use the Paragraph component so I can come up with some working between myself and Sandra. I’m starting the Loop component in the chat that Sandra and I have open:

Once I select the Paragraph component, I can start to fill in some basic information in the paragraph:

I’ve updated the paragraph to start, and I go ahead and submit the component to that Sandra can also see it:

I see that Sandra is looking at the component, and can start updating things:

While I’m waiting for her to update content, I can copy the link to this specific Loop component and put it in a different chat so that others could also make updates:

In this case, I put the Loop component into the “chat with myself” chat, and now it can be updated from either locations, and the changes will appear in both locations:

I now see that Sandra has been making changes, and I can see where she is typing by looking at the icon that matches the color surrounding her picture:

Loop is a great way for lightweight collaboration on content that can show up in various areas and applications. Behind the scenes, the Loop component is a file with a .fluid suffix that lives in your OneDrive.

For more information about Microsoft Loop, check out First things to know about Loop components.

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