Format Data By Examples in Power Automate

OK… this is one of the coolest and most useful features I’ve seen lately. You can now use AI in Power Automate to help create expressions to format your data output. It’s the Format Data By Examples feature, and it’s a game-changer, In my opinion. Here’s how it works…

In this example, I want to format the Assigned To Display Name in an email. Our Display Name fields are in a Last Name, First Name format, and I’d like to have it show up in a First Name Last Name format. But creating the Expression to parse that out correctly can take a bit (or more) of time to figure out. Instead, I put my cursor in the email area where I want the reformatted name, click on Expression, and select the Format data by examples feature:

The Format data by examples panel appears on the right side of the screen, and I can find the field you want to reformat (in my case, AssignedTo DisplayName). Double-click on the field name:

Next up, I’m asked to provide one or more examples of how the field should be reformatted. In this case, I put a couple of Last Name, First Name examples with the desired output format. Once that’s done, I click on Get Expression:

The suggested expression appears, and I have the chance to test it out by entering a test value. I then click Test to make sure it’s going to format the name the way I want. In this case, it worked perfectly. To put that expression into my Power Automate action, I just click Apply:

Here’s what my email action looks like now with the AI-generated expression:

And when I run the workflow… I have my name showing up as First Name Last Name… and it didn’t take me hours to figure out and test the formatting!

This works for text fields, number fields, or date fields. This change makes me SO happy. 🙂

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