Capture voice recordings with live speech-to-text in Office Mobile

If you’re set up to use your mobile device to access work-related Microsoft 365 content (via Mobileiron), there’s a new feature in the Office mobile app on your iOS or Android device. This feature allows you to create quick voice notes to yourself, and you also get it translated to text! Here’s how it works…

Here’s the Office application icon on my iPhone:

When I open Office, I have the ability to create new content by using the Plus button in the lower-right corner:

You now have a new Voice option under the Quick Capture grouping:

When you click the Voice icon, you get a screen that shows the title of your capture, and a microphone icon at the bottom of the screen to start your recording:

As you start talking, Office records your voice, and it also translates your speech to text that gets saved with your voice capture. When you’re done with your note, click Done:

You now see a list of all your voice capture with the transcription:

If you click on that voice capture, you’ll see more text (if it was a really long recording), plus the ability to play back your voice recording:

This is a great feature for those who have spur-of-the-moment ideas, but don’t want to mess with the small keyboard on an iPhone or Android device.

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