Word Clouds in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a great tool for getting feedback on a various topic. However, if you’re using open text questions, you may find it difficult to get a quick read on basic trends and key words that are appearing in the responses. That’s a bit easier now using the Word Cloud Insights feature. Here’s how that works…

Go into one of your Forms that has at least one open text question and click on the Responses tab. Then scroll down to your open text question and click on the Insights icon:

A word cloud will pop out showing you how many (and what percentage of) people answered that question, and the main words used in the responses will show up. The larger the font, the more often it was used. This is a great way to get a quick read on the general trends for that particular question:

Also… if you want to have that word cloud appear automatically for that question, you can use the Pin to question icon, and then it will always appear beneath that question without having to click an icon each time:


  1. Here it is on 5/18/22 and I still do not see the Insights button. Has Microsoft pulled this functionality back or did this never make it to my tenant.


  2. Actually just stumbled into my own answer to this. I was only testing with about 6 responses, once I added 5 more, the Insights button showed up and the word cloud.

    Will I always get a word cloud for my open-text questions?

    No, not always—this is because the Forms service may not have found any meaningful results to show, especially if you have only received a small number of total responses. You can come back to check for a word cloud after collecting more responses.


  3. Does anyone know how to display the word cloud on its own, without the rest of the form response page showing? Like a full-page view. I know it’s built into MS Teams, but not for Teams Live which is where we want to show it.


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