Editing an email to add your own notes

If you’re like me, you have a few emails (or a lot) that are in your Inbox as you’re working it like a To Do list. You need all the information that’s in a particular email, but you also need to add a couple of notes, details, or attachments to your copy to keep everything in one place.

I’ve been known to send myself a copy of the email with the additional information, but there’s an easier way to do that. You can edit an existing email message without sending it to anyone.

When you have your specific email message open, go to the Move section in the Ribbon Bar and select Actions > Edit Message:


This puts your email message in edit mode, but you can’t send it to anyone. However, you can add additional notes, comments, or attachments to it just like you would when you are creating an email. When you’re done, simply click the Save icon in the upper-left corner:


You now have an updated email message with information relevant to you, and you didn’t have to create a duplicate version of the email to do so.

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