Snoozing emails in your browser-based version of Outlook

I tend to live in my inbox (don’t judge), and it’s a bit irritating when you get an email that you need to act on, but not for a period of time… and it just sits in your inbox until then. Sandra Mahan showed me a better way to deal with that… Snooze! It’s possible to use the Snooze function to set a future date to have the email show back up in your inbox, and you can ignore it until then. Here’s how it works…

In the browser-based version of Outlook, right-click on an email in your Inbox and select Snooze. Either choose one of the default date options, or select Choose a date to set your own custom date:

Pick the date and time to have your email show back up in your Inbox and click Save:

The email gets moved to the Snoozed folder and will stay there until the selected time for re-delivery:

If you’re using the Outlook client, you don’t have a Snooze function. The closest you can come is to right-click on the email and select Follow Up > Add Reminder:

You can then set a to-do item to remind you about the email at a future date, but you’ll need to move the email out of your Inbox manually:

For more information on these two options, check out How To Use Outlook Online’s Snooze Tool and How to snooze an email in the desktop version of Outlook.

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