The Org Chart Web Part in SharePoint Online

One thing I see frequently in department web sites is some sort of organization chart so that people know who the boss is and who all reports to them. This can be a PDF document, a Visio diagram, or some other cobbled-together image. Now you can add an org chart to your site using the Org Chart web part in SharePoint Online, and it’ll always be up-to-date! Here’s how it works…

In a Modern site page, click the Plus Icon to add a web part, and scroll down to Organization Chart:

When the Organization Chart web part appears, add the name of the management person who will be the highest level of the org chart:

Once you add the person’s name, they will appear in the upper-most box, and everyone who reports to them will appear underneath that box:

You can also use the Organizational chart configuration panel on the right to list how many people above the management person should appear. In this example, I indicated that I wanted to see the three levels above my direct manager:

When I save the page, I now have an org chart on my SharePoint Online page that will always pull from the most up-to-date information in the system:

Please note: If your Active Directory entries for test/admin accounts happens to carry over manager information for the person to whom the admin account belongs to, they will show up in this organization chart. There’s no configuration options to this web part that allows you to filter them out. If you need something different than what you see here, you’ll need to continue to manage your own organization chart using whatever tools are appropriate for your situation.


  1. Are you able to have ANOTHER level? I see level 1 and then level 2, however that level 2 has some subordinates, I don’t know if they can show up? I see the option to go UP sadly, not the other way.


  2. This is great! I love this feature though sometimes my charts don’t display the contact photo. They have a photo on their MS profile but it’s only at random that other will have the pictures display. Any recommendations to fix this?


  3. Hi. Thanks for sharing this. Is is possible to see all employees in one overview. We only have 5 units with 2 departments each. Is it possible to see all at once?



  4. It’d be great if there was a way to quickly find and filter employees by service line, grade, job title, location etc.


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