Hiding the “Currently Presenting” bar in Skype for Business

Being able to share my screen during Skype for Business calls is a feature that I couldn’t live without in my work life. However, there are times when the Currently Presenting bar at the top of the screen blocks out information that I need to be sharing. Here’s how you can hide the Currently Presenting bar, as well as how you can make it reappear again.

Here’s a screen sharing image with the Currently Presenting bar at the top of the screen:


Just to the right of the Stop Presenting button, there is a push pin icon. When it’s pointing downward, that means that the Currently Presenting bar is “pinned” to your screen. It will always appear at the top, and it will block any part of your screen that shows up in that area.

If you want to hide the Currently Presenting bar, just click on the push pin. It will turn sideways, and the Currently Presenting bar will disappear when you move your icon to another part of the screen:


To get the bar to reappear, just move your cursor up to the area where the Currently Presenting bar normally shows up. It will drop down from the top of screen where it was hiding. You can then click the push pin again to re-pin it to the screen, and it will stay put.


  1. we have noticed a related issue with screen sharing in O365 package.

    When screen sharing is initiated, the ‘currently presenting’ bar gets auto hidden by default (unpinned) and is hidden from view. As a result, we forget stopping screen sharing once the call ends. And since the screen sharing only ends if the chat window is closed, many a times the screen sharing continues running in the background without we being aware of it. It is a security concern for us.

    However, tests that confirmed that in earlier versions of Skype this bar automatically gets pinned by default letting the user know that the screen is still being shared.

    Is there a way to modify some group policy or some registry setting to set this bar to be pinned by default in O365.

    Also, when the screen is shared, there is a thin yellow line that is going round all the sides of the screen. is it possible to make this blink so that it is easier to understand that the screen sharing is still on.


  2. It’s worse now. I have a black bar at the top and bottom of my Skype screen where the icons are. Before those icons floated on top of the video. This really sucks.


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